Paul’s Epistle to the Romans

The Apostle Paul: faithful herald of the Messiah, or corruptor of Jesus’ message? Who was he? What was the world like in which he lived? What did he hope to teach the young church about the faithfulness of God?

There is no shortage to the number of interpretations about Paul and his illustrious career as the first great theologian of the church, and surely anyone who wants to think critically about Christianity must contend with the thought and writings of this imposing figure. Perhaps none of his books is as important as Romans to the history of Christian thought, but what exactly does this book teach?

2019-03-12 – The Life and Mind of Paul: An Introduction to Romans

2019-03-19 – The Faithfulness of God: Romans 1-4

2019-03-26 – True Humanity: Romans 5-8

2019-04-02 – The Scope of God’s Faithfulness: Romans 9-11

2019-04-02 – The Scope of God’s Faithfulness: Romans 9-11