Congregational Life

We are a small congregation of approximately 60 persons characterized by — if it were possible to characterize 60 individuals by one measure — commitment. First, we are committed to God. Christ is our leader, the Spirit is our guide. We have a loving Father that gives immeasurable riches.

We are committed to one-another. Mostly, we know each other by name and we relish our times of fellowship. There are many. We are hangers-on after Sunday worship enjoying food and conversation. We pray for each other in times of trial and times of joy. We have healthy-family characteristics.

And we are more. We are servants. We know we are called to love God and serve our neighbors. We serve not because we earn God’s love by our efforts but because he asks us to do so. We believe we are part of the larger Body of Christ: the hands and feet of Christ in our community and the world.